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Polyxenia Isaak Restaurant


 About our Restaurant
(The History of the place)

Up to year 1980, the land were Polyxenia Isaak is today, was used for growing orange trees which grew up to 4 meters long.

But because of the problem Cyprus had by not having suitable water for watering the trees, we decided to grow vegetables.

The Polyxenia area was growing the best vegetables in Cyprus, because of the fact that the land is by the sea and the weather and earth are suitable for this purpose.

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Protaras is a place which attracts not only tourists but locals as well, and by having such beautifully land, we decided to do something to help the area developed. In 1993 as a first step we thought of building a nice restaurant which opened in 1994. It was named after our parents who owned the land, Polyxenia by our mom and Isaak by our dad Polyxenia Isaak.

In 1999 we also build a nice beach bar and it pleases both tourists and locals. This is also a reason why we want to develop even more.

In our try every year to offer even more to our customers, we are planning further developing, so every visitor in Protaras and especially in the Polyxenia Isaak area will leave pleased and with the best impressions so that they will look forward to visiting us again.

The Polyxenia isaak restaurant has been fully renovated in 2009 and includes extra services for your convenient.(underground parking, pool bar, pool, spa, cafeteria)







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